Reset the Drupal 8 Password

To reset the password in drupal 8, you just need to follow some below given steps -

1. Go to project root folder like -

     cd /var/www/drupal8


2. Execute the file and pass the password string as parameter - 
 core/scripts/ "admin1" 

How to find the first non repeating character in a string ? Technical Interview Question

This is the most common question asked in technical interview. So the problem statement is - 
Let the string is "letter" then the first non repeating character will be "l". If the string is "stress" then the first non repeating character will be "t".

Now you must be clear with the problem statement. So the algorithm will be  - 

Object Based Vs Object Oriented Vs Truly Object Oriented Programming. Have Confusion?

We listen these word very often, but many of us are not very about the differences between these. It's all related to OOPs(Object Oriented Programming) but having a very fine line between these.

Object Based Programming Language - A programming language which does not support two features main, i.e :-
       a) Inheritance
       b) Run time polymorphism
Example - jscript