How to setup golang on Windows 7


Steps to setup golang - Windows 7

Go language (Golang) is growing with a good pace . In term of performance it's very fast and efficient. So let's setup golang and start digging into it

Step 1 - Download the lates golang version from here -  for windows 7. i.e
              Webseekerz - Steps to setup golang - Download Golang

Step 2 - Doble click on downloaded file i.e. (depends on latest version) and run the installation as per instruction.
              Webseekerz - Steps to setup golang - Run Golang Installer
Step 3 - After finishing the installation, a folder named with "Go" will create at you rool folder where you installed the Golang.
              Now setup the GOPATH and /src and /bin path in environment variables. Like if you Go is installed in C: drive and Go path is
/C/Go/ or C:\Go>
               Webseekerz - Steps to setup golang - set GOPATH
               Add src and bin path - 
              Webseekerz - Steps to setup golang - set /src /bin folder in path variable

Step 4 - Now all set to go. Now you can start the development in GO. To confirm, open the command line and type "go". Check below
              Webseekerz - Steps to setup golang - confirm go setup


Enjoy Go Coding.....

Note - If you want to know, How to setup environt variables in windows -               



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