Power Of Drush- Other Useful Commands Part II

Useful Drush Commands -

1. Open a SQL command-line interface using Drupal's
credentials. By using one command, you can directly access the


drush sql-cli


2. To backup the database into a file -

drush sql-dump –result-file=/tmp/mydb.sql

No need to mention any database name or mysql username, password. Drush will pick all the credentials by itself.


3. View information about fields, field_types, and widgets.

drush field-info


4. Print release information for given projects.

drush rl

5. If you want to know the path of any module/theme, run the below given command and it will return path to a given module/theme directory.

drush dd blog

drush dd seven


6. Set, Get and Delete the variables using drush
To set the variable -

drush vset abc 123

Where abc is variable name and 123 is its value.

To get the variable -

drush vget abc

Where abc is variable name

To delete the variable -

drush vdel abc

For more visit - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ignsq6u-Ixg

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