Random Results Using Views - Drupal 7

It's a very common requirement to show the random result using views in drupal 7 and many of us face problems or can say not aware to this option.

So for creating the view of random results/rows, Go to  -  /admin/structure/views and create view. Fill all the required values i.e. Like you would like to create page or block and view title, desc etc.
Choose the

Random Result - Views Drupal

Now click on Add button of SORT CRITERIA  in search field of popup type Random - Global: Random field will show. Select the checkbox and click on Apply button.


Now do the needfull settings of your views and save the view to show the result. Like in my view, shown in first image, I have selected only Title. So whenever page will get refreshed, each and every time random result will come in your block or on your page, based on your view.

Hope this will help you to create views with random result. For any doubt and query please visit our facebook page.


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