Reset the Drupal 8 Password

To reset the password in drupal 8, you just need to follow some below given steps -

1. Go to project root folder like -

     cd /var/www/drupal8


2. Execute the file and pass the password string as parameter - 
 core/scripts/ "admin1" 

    Here "admin1" is the password string which you want to set and file will
    generate the hashcode of password "admin1".
    This will generate a Hash Password like -
    password: admin1 hash: $S$Eyg7BdK4AxhqBy6KEp

3. Update the password in the db, table is users_field_data

4. Remove the cache and login with new credentails.

All needful is done. Just login with your new password.

Watch the video for more - 

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